A five-day intensive retreat designed to relieve trauma symptoms and PTSD, allowing participants to move into recovery.

Trauma Healing Retreat

 Through our healing retreat and services, you, our frontline men and women, will find a safe, trusting, supportive environment within which you can finally exhale, breathe deep, and dive into the trauma, the history, stories, and feelings and put them in context to heal the stress responses.

After a traumatic experience, many people find it difficult to function at a normal level. We help return individuals to an improved level of functioning and reduce the symptoms associated with traumatic experiences.

If you ask yourself:
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • Am I the only person who feels this way?
  • Will I ever feel better about myself or my life?

There is HOPE.

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If you are feeling broken, wounded, full of shame and guilt, hopeless…FREEDOM IS WAITING.
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Who Attends THRIVE?

Anyone experiencing difficulty functioning in their daily lives as a result of traumatic events.

First Responders
Spouses of First Responders
Victims of traumatic events

The Process

THRIVE trauma healing retreat provides an intensive opportunity for clients to address their trauma history in a safe and supportive environment. The process is confidential and non-judgmental, facilitated by professional clinicians. Our staff have an extensive history working with clients suffering with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and unresolved trauma.

The Program

By utilizing a wide range of healing methods, each day the retreat programming shows you how to correct imbalances, explore connections, and practice recovery skills to move toward a new freedom. We invite you to move beyond the disruptive memories, associated feelings, interrupted routines and related trauma responses for good.

The Staff

Dedicated clinical professionals skilled in evidence based knowledge to help those with trauma and PTSD. THRIVE provides staff members who understand the struggles of trauma and its’ effects on mind and body. We have the knowledge, education and skill to assist you in moving past the debilitating state of mind left in the wake of traumatic events.

“Hello my Friends. I have had some time to reflect on what happened up here in Butte County and I encountered a major setback in my process. I know there was nothing we could do with the Camp Fire. I know now that Mother Nature had different plans that day. When we got there it was small but we had no access to the fire so we had to go defensive and protect the communities in front of the fire. So many people are dead and there is destruction on a different level that I have never seen before. When we made a stand at my station at 4am I hit my knees and cried because I was sure it was my last stand and I most likely killed my people. 65 mph winds and fire everywhere. The firefighters felt the same but we did it and we made it through. This one has changed me forever. I love you all and I thank you for the support that was in my head when I was ready to give up. I was at the end of my rope but I knew I couldn’t give up on my people and I knew they were just as afraid as I was. We pulled together and saved each other. I saw all your faces in Idaho and you were all smiling and it gave me strength. Thank you all! I love you all more than you know! In the face of all this devastation my Thrive brothers and sisters gave me strength! We are strong and we can accomplish anything!”

– Matt McKenzie