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We love to share stories of triumph and devastating loss, and everything in between. Through sharing, we all find common ground and may inspire someone to get the help they need today. Check out what people have written so far, and share your own experience.

I just wanted to check in with Kathleen and thank you all for Thrive. It’s been a few months since I attended and all of those things that were affecting me now have lost their power and seem to have found their proper places in my brain. Kathleen, thank you for helping me process that most hurtful memory of my husband’s death. I cannot thank you enough and I will never forget you. Blessings to you all.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the THRIVE RETREAT staff for a fabulous retreat. It was an eye-opening experience in many facets with the Equine , Individual, and Group therapies. As I flew into Burbank, CA,  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect upon my arrival but when I arrived at the ranch it was very peaceful to say the least. During the orientation process I began to feel more centered and I made sure to absorb as much as possible. I was very impressed with straight forwardness approach by Kathleen and Charlie because it opened up heart, mind, and soul. The breathing tools and equine therapy literally has given me a whole new perspective as well. I never knew that slowing my breathing and heart rate down while standing next to “Smitty” a 1300lb. horse could be such a key player in my therapy.   Finally, I have to admit that being able to work with other first responders and all the staff with THRIVE was truly rewarding.

Nick V.


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